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Led by Dr. Antonella Grima, Balanced Healthcare is a collaboration between Health Care Professionals and professionals operating in the various fields affecting health and wellbeing. The ultimate aim of this cooperation is that of providing readers with well-researched and evidence-based advice about topics that affect our health and wellbeing. We live in an age where information regarding nutrition and health topics is abundant but often anecdotal and at times contradictory or even harmful. Our aim is to create a site that one can turn to for trusted advice from experts in the field, where information provided is clear, unbiased and reliable.

Food plays a major role in our lives. It is an important means to obtaining good health, combating disease and slowing the progression of certain diseases and conditions. We will tackle these various aspects of food via articles, recipes and tips. We also acknowledge that food and its consumption may at times pose health problems, including eating disorders, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. We will address these issues and offer holistic advice for controlling or improving the health of those affected negatively by food and lifestyle choices.

We acknowledge that health is not a static entity. It is affected by a very broad group of determinants, such as the environment, chemicals and pollution, social networks and relationships, among others. We will delve into these areas that affect health and produce discussions, solutions and advice about health in the broader sense.

The purpose of Balanced Healthcare is solely educational. The information included on the site is not a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment.  We always advise our readers to seek the advice of their doctor or other qualified healthcare providers should they have any health concerns.

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