New Year New You

Article by Brian Zammit

The beginning of the New Year is always characterised by resolutions. Most people WISH to improve their health but they stumble on the following hurdles:

  • Lose motivation after a couple of days/ weeks.
  • Do not know from where to start.
  • Do not know how to plan an exercise session.
  • Lack will power and postpone the start.
  • Lack support from people close to them.

What should you do to get started?

  • Set short term goals! A ten minute walk is an improvement when compared to just watching TV after work.
  • Plan your day. I’m sure you can find at least twenty minutes to exercise. Try to slot exercise early morning, but if you don’t manage I suggest that you do it at the end of the day. Even if you are very tired exercise will regenerate you. Try it out!
  • Search online for exercises. This will help you to stay motivated and try different movements.
  • Seek professional advice.
  • Forget about transforming your body in a couple of weeks. You have to work hard and do it regularly. Exercise has to become part of your lifestyle.

Happy New Year to All and good luck in your fitness adventure!

Brian Zammit is a certified personal trainer, gym instructor and teacher of Physical Education, obtaining all qualifications from the University of Malta. Brian continued to enrich his knowledge by qualifying as a hypertension and exercise instructor and a pre/post-natal exercise instructor, attaining both qualifications from CORE Fitness Education, UK. As a personal trainer, Brian is recognised by the European Register for Fitness Professionals.

Brian believes that doing exercise should become a way of life. Exercising with good technique is important to improve and to reduce the possibility of getting injured. He aims to specialise in different areas of health and fitness so that people with health issues can start exercising with minimal risk.

Contact number: +356 79 063 293

Facebook: Brian Zammit Personal Trainer


Categories: Healthy Lifestyle

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