Nutrition FAQ

Why should I follow a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is a balanced combination of healthy and nutritious foods in the right amount for our energy needs. By following a healthy diet we reduce our risk of developing diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart and cardiovascular diseases and cancer, among others.


Why should I speak to a professional about nutrition?

Food is a popular topic and everyone seems to have an opinion about what we should and shouldn’t eat. However, a lot of popular information about food and eating is anecdotal and may cause more harm than good. Speaking to a registered nutritionist offers unbiased, evidence-based and tailor-made advice based on your nutritional needs.


When should I speak to a nutritionist?

While everyone will benefit from optimizing his or her nutrition, there are particular phases in life where one would especially benefit from a nutritionist’s support. These include:

Help in weight loss

Prevention of chronic conditions like diabetes or high cholesterol

Optimizing pre conception nutrition and improving fertility

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and post pregnancy nutrition

Weaning, growing children and teens


How do I choose my nutritionist?

A registered nutritionist is someone who has formal qualifications in nutrition and is registered with a local professional body, such as the Council for the Professions Complementary to Medicine in Malta. While many unregistered individuals do give nutritional advice, not everyone is qualified to do so and may cause harm to your health. A registered nutritionist is in a better position to give advice that is based on scientific evidence and promote a healthy well balanced diet.


How often do I need to visit a nutritionist?

It depends on the nature of your health concern and may vary from one informative to a follow-up programme spanning over a few months.


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