Omega 3 Oils

Numerous studies have shown that a diet that is rich in omega 3 fats helps us reduce inflammation in our body, thus preventing diseases. Inflammation plays a major role in diseases like heart disease, cancer, brain degeneration, and autoimmune diseases, among other conditions. While getting enough healthy oils from the diet is always ideal, the modern diet tends to be rich in pro-inflammatory omega 6 oils, while being depleted in omega 3 oils.

When it comes to the fatty acids Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), obtaining a good enough dose from the diet is often problematic. This is because the only sources of these fatty acids are certain types of algae and fish. Due to dietary preferences and lifestyle choices, such as a plant based diet, the diet may therefore be severely depleted from these two essential fatty acids, opening the way for disease mechanisms to set in.

We have partnered with EQOLOGY to bring to you high quality pure omega-3 oil from 100% Arctic wild fish in order to help you reach your daily omega 3 intake. For those who are following a plant based diet or who prefer to obtain their DHA and EPA from algal sources, we found the perfect solution with the Pure Vegan Oil, a pure omega-3 oil from the 100% vegan, sustainable and fresh microalgae.

Pure omega-3 oil from 100% Arctic wild fish with cold-pressed, high quality organic olive oil and vitamin D3 – and an added fresh lemon flavour

Results show that nearly all who have used EQ Pure Arctic Oil for at least 120 days have achieved an improved fatty acid balance. Pure Arctic Oil contains pure omega-3 oil from cod, fished from the nutritious, Arctic waters off the Norwegian coast.

  • Contains no other added fish oils or synthetic additives;
  • A balanced oil for an optimal ratio between the amount of omega-6 and omega-3;
  • Good for the cardiovascular system, brain, vision, immune system and muscles;
  • Contributes to normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol, calcium and triglyceride levels in the blood;
  • The fish oil is MSC and CoC certified, and originates from Norwegian sustainable fishing industry;
  • Added polyphenols from a cold-pressed, high-quality olive oil, vitamin D3 and a fresh lemon flavour;
  • 100% natural.

Pure Vegan Oil is pure omega-3 oil from the 100% vegan, sustainable and fresh microalgae Schizochytrium sp. with cold-pressed, high-quality organic olive oil – added natural orange flavour and antioxidant mix: essential rosemary extract, vitamin E and vitamin D2

  • Plant-based diets have low levels of healthy long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA). The importance of Omega-3 cannot be overstated – these fatty acids have been shown to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, protect against inflammation, and decrease the risk of heart disease. Now we can offer you also a vegan alternative that contains the same amount of EPA + DHA as Pure Arctic Oil.
  • Multiple scientific reports confirm that meal based on fresh microalgae can replace the fish oil for people who do not consume fish products. According to several Clinical Studies, microalgae Schizochytrium sp. has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Rich source of omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids and antioxidants;
  • Contributes to potential anti-inflammatory treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • A balanced oil for an optimal ratio between the amount of omega-6 and omega-3;
  • Good for the immune system, blood triglyceride level and pressure;
  • Vitamin D2 contributes to the maintenance of healthy teeth and bones;
  • Microalgae is free of environmental toxins, grown in purified saltwater;
  • V-Label licensed, which guarantees a transparent seal of quality for vegans and vegetarians.

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