One to One Nutrition Consultations

What will happen during a consultation?

First appointment:
Your first consultation will last about 45 minutes and will include an assessment of your health status, lifestyle and your meal choices and planning, as well as an assessment of your body composition. I will be able to provide nutritional advice based on your individual needs, identify areas for improvement and set goals for improving your health through nutrition and lifestyle.
You will have the time and opportunity to ask any questions you may have and I will support my recommendations with printed or electronic guidelines.
During the initial assessment, we will agree on a follow up plan, if you need one.

Follow-up appointment:
If one or more follow up appointments are indicated, these will be set within a few weeks from your initial appointment. A follow up appointment typically last 30 to 45 and includes a repeat body analysis to assess progress, feedback regarding any difficulties encountered, time for questions and in depth discussion about any nutritional area that requires more attention. We will also agree about how to obtain set nutrition and lifestyle goals.

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