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We are in the process of building a strong base of experts and collaborators in the fields of health and nutrition. If you are a health care professional or a health or food expert and would like to form part of our team, we will be happy to hear from you and invite you to contact us on info@nutritionistmalta.com with your ideas.

Dr. Antonella Grima M.D. M.Sc. Pg.Dip. is a Medical Doctor specialised in Public Health as well as a Registered Nutritionist. Her solid background in Medicine, Nutrition and Public Health has enabled Dr. Grima to become a valid authority on Health and Nutrition. She has made several contributions on health promotion and nutrition in a number of media, including newspapers, magazines, online publications and television appearances. While she has an all-rounded and evidence-based approach to disease prevention and nutrition, she enjoys focusing on weight loss, longevity, chronic disease prevention, weaning and childhood nutrition, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Read more

Daniela Allen is a freelance journalist & PR consultant with a main interest in health. She has been involved in the print media for many years. As a journalist she reported on various matters, European bodies as well as the World Health Organization. Daniela has also collaborated closely with foreign media agencies including the BBC, where she co-worked on documentaries and other stories for both the BBC World Service and BBC Radio among others. Her passion involves expertise in bringing together networks of people. Daniela is committed towards raising awareness on health and other matters both through her writing as well as through events She may be contacted at Email: dallen@narrativestructures.com


Rita Briffa B.A. (Gen.); M.A. (Qual); Certificate in Management (MIM) is a Wellbeing Consultant and founder of the Healing Hands School of Reiki in Malta. She teaches all levels of Reiki up to Masters’ level and gives treatments with Holistic guidance, Reiki, Reflexology, Bach Flower Remedies and Encaustic Art Therapy. In 1997 Rita started her training in Reiki with The Reiki Network. That year she achieved her first and second degrees in the field, followed by a Reiki 3A course with the Reiki Network in 1998. In 2001 she completed a Foundation Course in Gestalt Psychotherapy at GPTIM. In 2004, Rita finished a course in Reflexology at the Arran School of Reflexology, Scotland.  Her calling to Reiki led her to start a two-year Master training course in 2002, from which she graduated as Reiki Master, and then started teaching Reiki in 2004 and attained Master Teacher Degree in 2014. In 2012, Rita followed a course in Encaustic Art therapy in Limassol, Cyprus. In May 2015 Rita achieved a distinction in her Diploma in Bach Flower Remedies with the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine in Cyprus. That same year, Rita completed a course in Abundance Coaching. She may be contacted at Website: www.wellbeingconsultantmalta.com E-mail:ritabriffa@gmail.com

Alexia ButtigiegAlexia Buttigieg is a Holistic Therapist who is passionate about everything that can help people feel better in a more natural approach, from massage to self-therapy to essential oils and reflexology. She believes that stress cannot be avoided but nature has given us all we need to reduce it, and live a more balanced existence. She started her career as a Beauty therapist and has achieved diplomas in Esteticienne and Physiatrics, where she was able to understand the anatomy and physiology of the human body. She furthered her studies by achieving diplomas in Reflexology (including palliative care) and Aromatherapy. Other certificate courses include tui na, facial analysis and ayurvedic stone massage.  In these past years she has ventured into natural cosmetics and read for a diploma and an advanced diploma in organic skincare formulation, which harmonises her passions for Aromatherapy and organic skincare treatments. Alexia still feels like her first role is being a mother to her daughter and prioritises family and their well-being. She may be contacted at naturannis@gmail.com

ray_circleRay Cacciattolo, founder of Functional Fitness Yoga (Malta), is a fully qualified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance 2011), Pilates Instructor (National exercise & Sports Trainers Association 2007), Hatha Yoga Teacher (C.h. Dip. Yoga, Kevala Centre 2005) and Sport Yoga Instructor (National Exercise & Sports trainers Association 2004). Ray started the practice of yoga in 2001 to increase his fitness level. It immediately struck him that practice of yoga is highly beneficial on the physical, mental and emotional level. He highly considers yoga as a way of life, a means not just to get physically fit but also to obtain and maintain inner well-being, harmony and a deep sense of peace. It is his passion sharing the many benefits that yoga has to offer to every person, whatever the age, level of fitness and shape of the body. His teaching experience includes yoga with the visually impaired and blind persons and yoga in prison. He may be contacted at email address: raycacciattolo@gmail.com; contact number: 79555574; website: www.rayogamalta.com ; fb: Ra Yoga Malta

Karolina Jakiel – master of dietetics specialist in psychodietetics.
She obtained her master’s degree at the University of Rzeszow in Poland, completed post-graduate studies in psychodietetics at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS University) in Katowice in Poland.
During her studies, she participated in numerous courses and trainings, among others: diagnostics in the office of a dietician, insulin resistance, psychodietetics, sports dietetics, oncological dietetics, and diet for the elderly.
During her studies she took an active part in the activities of the Scientific Circle of Dieticians at the University of Rzeszow.
She is interested in healthy eating and shares her ideas through her profile in social media.


Brian Zammit is a certified personal trainer, gym instructor and teacher of Physical Education, obtaining all qualifications from the University of Malta. Brian continued to enrich his knowledge by qualifying as a hypertension and exercise instructor and a pre/post-natal exercise instructor, attaining both qualifications from CORE Fitness Education, UK. As a personal trainer, Brian is recognised by the European Register for Fitness Professionals.

Brian believes that doing exercise should become a way of life. Exercising with good technique is important to improve and to reduce the possibility of getting injured. He aims to specialise in different areas of health and fitness so that people with health issues can start exercising with minimal risk.

Contact number: +356 79 063 293 Facebook: Brian Zammit Personal Trainer Email: brianzpersonaltrainer@gmail.com

Dominika Zielińska – dietician/nutritionist

She obtained her master’s degree of Dietetics and bachelor’s studies of Artistic education in the field of musical art at the University of Rzeszów in Poland.

During her studies, she participated in numerous courses and trainings, among others in: anorexia and bulimia, celiac disease and primary lactose intolerance, population health –  tacking health inequalities at regional level, fat burning and the role of hormones, oncological nutrition, infant nutrition and diet for the elderly.

During her studies she took n active part in the activities of the Scientific Circle of Dieticians at the University of Rzeszów and the organization of and participation in the  1st, 2nd, 3rd National Scientific Conference of Students and PhD Students “Medical Aspects of Human Nutrition”.

In 2016, she published in W.Kruk, M. Marć: Public health, part 4: Threats to public health and the challenges of health education. Chapter 5 (Dominika Zielińska) Influence of information and advertising provided in the mass media on the spontaneous use of drugs in the case of ailments not requiring medical intervention.
She is a highly creative individual, very communicative and with interpersonal skills, eager to learn new skills.
Her hobbies are nutrition and healthy food, music and singing, but also scientific activity.
Email: dominique.z@o2.pl

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