Pathway to Better Health


Join me for an 8 week journey towards learning how to take care your body holistically through food and lifestyle.

Understand why disease happens and what you can do to prevent it, slow down its process or reverse it in a natural way.

In this programme we will look into the common pathways for diseases and common diseases that affect us, understand what contributes towards these diseases and how the disease progresses in our body, and find a way to address risk factors or symptoms effectively.

This online course starts on Wednesday 27th March 2024 and will be every Wednesday at 7pm (Central European Time). Sessions are held in English on Zoom. You will receive a recording of each session and access to the slides and additional material and recipes for each session. There will be plenty of time to ask questions about the topics, both during each session, and individually via Email or WhatsApp.

The programme is ideal for individuals who wish to obtain a better understanding of their own health or of the health of a loved one, health care professionals, personal trainers, beauty therapists and those who work directly with clients on health improvement.

Course outline:

Eating Healthy on the go

Meal planning food choices what to look out for and what to avoid

Weight loss and Weight management

Gut Health

The Relationship between Diet and Mental Health

Cancer Prevention

Heart Health

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplement



Detailed topic description


1 Eating Healthy on the go


What should we eat? Main food groups and portions

A word on Fibre

A word on Healthy Oils


Our Micriobiome: our strongest ally


Eating healthy in practice:

Shortcuts and essentials for eating healthy on the go

Staying healthy while travelling and eating out

Shopping, food storage and food preparation

Main meals and snacks, healthy ideas and recipes

Question time


2 Meal planning food choices what to look out for and what to avoid


Setting your meal planning goals: saving time, losing weight, trying new recipes

How to structure your weekly meal plan

Daily and weekly food group targets

Main meals and snacks

Meal prepping, using leftovers and time saving tips

Kitchen essentials for preparing meals and snacks

Building a shopping list

Online resources and recipe ideas

Question time


3 Weight loss and Weight management


Understanding Weight Loss and Weight Management

The Science of Weight Loss

Diets for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance

Strategies for Sustainable Weight Loss

Overcoming Obstacles to Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy Weight for the Long-Term

Question Time


4 Gut Health


The pillars of gut health: digestive function, immune function, the gut and the brain/mind

Our built-in superhero: our microbiome and its many roles in disease prevention

Feeding our microbiome: Prebiotics, probiotics, healthy fats, antioxidants

What damages our microbiome and what can be done

When things go wrong: acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and some practical tips for addressing these symptoms

Question Time


5 The Relationship between Diet and Mental Health


The gut brain axis and interplay between the gut, the microbiome and mental health;

How mental health affects our diet;

How diet affects mental health;

Nutrients that can help mental wellbeing;

Chemicals that hinder mental wellbeing.

Question Time


6 Cancer Prevention


Understanding the disease, its triggers and its progression

Common risk factors

Strategies for enhanced resistance and cancer prevention

Understanding the jargon related to a cancer diagnosis

Discovering the warning signs of cancer and making sense of what is happening inside the body

Understand the role that toxins, hormones, infection, stress, anxiety, diet, inflammation, and radiation play in initiating cancer

Question Time


7 Heart Health



Foods to eat to improve heart health

Foods to avoid: reducing risk through diet

What else contributes towards heart health

Stress and sleep and their role in our cardiovascular health

Exercise and heart health

Question Time


8 Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements


What does our body need? Vitamins, minerals and nutrients

What are the best food supplements for overall health and well-being?

Some popular options

Top 100 vitamins, minerals and supplements and what they do

Caution and Contraindications of Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements

Question Time

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