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Why should I speak to a registered nutritionist for Nutritional Advice?
Some information about food and eating is anecdotal and may cause more harm than good. Speaking to a registered nutritionist offers unbiased, evidence-based and tailor-made advice based on your needs

What is the weight loss programme?
Everyone is different. That is why the Weight Loss Programme is tailor-made just for you and aims at helping you drop your excess weight in a constant, healthy way.
The nutrition weight loss package typically consists of:
4 sessions, once every fortnight, lasting approximately 45 minutes each
1 personalised nutrition plan, based on your individual requirements
Email and phone support
Free monthly weighing after last session

Can I prevent diseases through nutrition?
By following a healthy diet recommended by a registered nutritionist we reduce our risk of developing diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart and cardiovascular diseases and cancer, among others.

Do I need nutritional advice during Pregnancy breastfeeding & postpregnancy?
Pregnancy and the arrival of a little one is a special time with special nutritional needs. Expectant mothers can be guided towards a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period

Can I learn more about weaning, growing children and teens?
Children and adolescents have special nutritional needs and may go through periods of faddy or picky eating. Discussing certain issues will help find ways to introduce healthy eating during growth.

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