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Quick tip: Strategies for Weight Loss


By Dr. Antonella Grima

The key to losing weight is reducing the portion sizes of all meals and snacks. Another trick is to replace energy-dense, or high calorie, foods, such as biscuits, chocolates, and crisps with foods that have a lower energy density, such as fruit and vegetables. Eating plenty of fibre also helps you reach satiation before and curbs hunger for longer, helping you eat less. Excellent sources of fibre include fruit such as kiwi, vegetables like legumes, nuts and wholegrain products. Cutting back on creams, oils and dressing reduces the amount of calories you consume. Keep in mind that one tablespoon of oil or mayonnaise contains around 100 Calories! Soft drinks, fruit juices and alcohol are full of extra calories. Limit their consumption or stick to low calorie alternatives where available. Of course, no weight loss regime is complete without involvement in some degree of physical activity. This may also involve simple strategies, such as taking the stairs, using public transport, or parking your car farther away.

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